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Josh & Chris built the original product of Service Moxie to market their own service company, now they continue to innovate and help other business thrive!

Service Moxie

Service Moxie provides small businesses with tools and education to help them grow and succeed. Founded by Josh Latimer and Chris Philips in 2012, Service Moxie’s first product, SendJim, was modeled after their proven relationship marketing tactics that grew their window washing business into one that generated $150,000 of revenue per month.

With their intimate understanding and connection to thousands of service businesses and, Josh and Chris decided to expand the product line to offer more products to help small business owners get back to running their businesses, instead of letting it run them.

In 2019, the company hired Daniel Dixon as CEO and founded the umbrella company, Service Moxie. Today, Service Moxie holds SendJim, AutomateMotivate, RevenueBuddy, and several educational products related to helping small business owners automate their business and achieve their dreams.

Currently Serving Over 5000 Businesses

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