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Josh & Chris built the original product of Service Moxie to market their own service company, now they continue to innovate and help other business thrive!

Service Moxie

Service Moxie provides small businesses with tools and education to help them grow and succeed. Founded by Josh Latimer and Chris Philips in 2012, Service Moxie’s first product, SendJim, was modeled after their proven relationship marketing tactics that grew their window washing business into one that generated $150,000 of revenue per month.

With their intimate understanding and connection to thousands of service businesses and, Josh and Chris decided to expand the product line to offer more products to help small business owners get back to running their businesses, instead of letting it run them.

In 2019, the company hired Daniel Dixon as CEO and founded the umbrella company, Service Moxie. Today, Service Moxie holds SendJim, AutomateMotivate, RevenueBuddy, and several educational products related to helping small business owners automate their business and achieve their dreams.

Currently Serving Over 5000 Businesses

Founders & Leadership

Joshua Latimer


Josh started his window washing business with nothing. He grew it to over $150,000 a month in revenue, sold it and moved to Costa Rica with his family. After some time away, Josh decided to co-found Service Moxie with his former business partner Chris. Since then, Josh has become a serial entrepreneur starting a number of businesses and coaching programs as well as hosting the QuickTalk Podcast.

Chris Philips


Former President and Co-Founder of SendJim. Prior to that, he co-owned a very successful pressure washing and cleaning company with Josh, Birds Beware Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing that he and Josh sold in 2015 to a national buyer. Chris is incredibly passionate about the service industry and helping entrepreneurs within that sector launch and grow their own successful businesses. 

Daniel Dixon


Daniel became the CEO of Service Moxie in May 2019. Prior to becoming the leader of Service Moxie, Daniel served as a military officer in the United States Air Force and worked in corporate America as a business consultant for a nationally recognized consulting firm. During his time as a consultant, Daniel founded a carpet cleaning business and really found a passion for entrepreneurship and small business.

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