Transform Your Company Using Employee Motivation

Are you tired of reminding your employees about what they should be doing? AutomateMotivate will get them excited to be at work and immediately boost production.

A Major Pain Point for Small Businesses is Employee-Related Issues. What if There was an Automated Solution?

Introducing Automate Motivate, a small business tool that will improve your company culture by aligning your goals with your employees

Reduce Turnover, Increase Employee Engagement, Automate Recognition

Create competitions with leaderboards

Inject healthy competition into your team by having them compete for top prizes they want

Define employee tasks That result in rewards

Give your employees easy-to-follow tasks to earn points; send push notifications when new achievements are added, separate by employee group and skill level/years with your company

79% of Employees Quit Because They Felt Like They Were Not being Appreciated.
Don’t Allow Your Business to be a Statistic. Turn Your Team into Rockstars.

Hear From Automate Motivate Users

Michelle Horton

Automate Motivate has completely changed the mindset of my employees. They want to “claim an award” now and love to get the push notification that it was approved.

Employees who would cut corners before starting Automate Motivate are now working 100% to get their points. Everyone has fun with it too. Office is competing against each other for who has the most points and guys in the field are upselling things like crazy trying to get their points.

It has made for a completely different company culture here. One I can finally say is wonderful!

More reviews on google and more sales are what will grow our business- all due to a little motivation.

Les Ryan

In just three months, the Automate Motivate app has helped our lead technician go from approximately five upsells in the previous three months to sixty!

The total of upsells has totaled about $8000 and has given our technician about $500 in various gift cards, etc.

This app has made a huge difference for this particular individual.

David Hamel

Since we are too small to offer full benefits, AM has become my benefit program! 

So far this year, I’ve paid out over $18,000 in rewards. Dream vacations, 50″ TV’s, power bills covered, many gift cards, and the extra popular $100 on your paycheck.

I’ve also used it to motivate my team to reach new sales goals as we grow. For instance, in October 2019 we did $44,966 in house washings and I budgeted a 65% increase and told the team if we met it, they would each get a certain amount of AM points (and it was a lot). We ended the month with our first ever 6 figure sales month at $107,035.

It also helped us go from 45 Google reviews to our current 209 this year- all FIVE stars. IT WORKS!

Don’t Get Stuck on the Hamster-Wheel Barely Making Ends Meet on Your Own, Let's Break the Cycle Today!