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We Provide Easy-To-Use Tools to Help Small Business Owners Automate Their Business so They Can Get Back to Doing the Things They Love

Lead Generation & Client Nurturing

  • Hyper-Target Your Audience to Get the Leads You Want
  • Maximize Your Existing Clients and Make Them Raving Fans
  • Create Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Clients to Turn Them into Higher Ticket Sales

Employee Motivation

  • Get Employees Excited To Be At Work
  • Motivate Them With Rewards They Define
  • Reduce Turnover By Having An Awesome Company Culture

Sales and Marketing Education

  • Learn From 13 Service Business Owners Making $1,000,000+ Per Year
  • Double Your Profit With Just A Few Quick Tips
  • Understand What The Top Home Service Businesses Are Doing To Win Big

Budgeting and Planning

  • Know When to Spend Your Money on Marketing and Invest in Equipment
  • Know When to Hire Additional Staff
  • Set A Revenue Goal and Generate A Week By Week Roadmap to Success

Trusted by thousands of home service businesses

Andy Misaura

We have been in business for years and have never seen growth like this year. Our business has more than tripled our annual revenue and a large part of that is due to Sen Jim.

Bobby Walker

Send Jim is like a virtual employee working for me all the time sending out postcards, emails and voicemails keeping my customers fully engaged while I get to relax. Send Jim has put me on a level where my large competitors aren’t even on yet!

Ryan Endrington

Send Jim connects to our CRM and blasts our customers’ neighbors with sequences of postcards. I no longer have to do the work and Send Jim brings in new work!

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